15 CDs Total
10 CDs of Music
2 CDs of Sounders & Stagers
2 CDs of Sound Effects
1 CD of Anti-Jingles


Time for an injection of pure creative force to your airwaves? Time for D-FRAG - as graphic as audio can get!

Listen to the D-FRAG demo

10 Music CDs, each with 9 compositions in 4 lengths, 2:00, :60, :30 and :10.
D1 - AC Jazz Disc 1 - Soundware
Fine and sophisticated, understated, mature and progressive.
D2 - AC Jazz Disc 2 - Cybersilk
A dynamic blend of light, moody and sophisticated music.
D3 - Dance - "Critcal Mass"
From industrial textures to synthesized pop, gets the body moving!
D4 - Hip Hop - "Hip-Hop.com"
Heavy street beats and vibes, contemporary grooves and sinister retro loops.
D5 - Industrial Disc 1 - "Power Processor"
Heavy, deeply pulsating and bold, space age, aggressive and powerful.
D6 - Industrial Disc 2 - "Club-Cruiser"
Powerful with a hard, aggressive edge. Dynamic and brash! Be afraid!
D7 - Industrial Disc 3 - "Damage Control"
Mysterious and dark; aggression set to music!
D8 - Rock - "Interface"
Features guitar, bass and drums - tasty, grungy and heavy.
D9 - Rocking Country - "Hillbilly Bitrate"
Will make you want to put on your boots and dance the two-step!
D10 - Techno - "Audio Virus"
Frantic, pulsing dance beats, lush orchestral textures, contemporary Euro feel.

2 CDs of Sounders & Stagers, 148 tracks
Fully produced and ready to use for promos and commercials.

2 CDs of Sound Effects, 177 tracks
Big fat stereo imaged sounds that jump out of the radio, selected as the most useful for high-impact productions. Atmospheres and frequently used high-impact illustration sounds.

1 CD of Anti-Jingles, 15 Anti-Jingles and all component tracks, 98 tracks total
15 fully-produced Anti-Jingles with all their separate components, 98 total tracks. Anti-Jingles are quick, fast-moving, ready-to-use station imaging tracks featuring hot music beds, comedy voice drops and a variety of powerful sound effects. You can adapt them into other languages by replacing the English voice drops with local comic material. This Anti-Jingles demo includes one complete Anti-Jingle and all of its components, exactly as they are delivered in D-Frag.

Track 1 - "Invisible Man" Full Mix
Track 2 - Music Bed "Black on Black"
Track 3 - Voice Drop "An Adorable Lady"
Track 4 - Voice Drop "Invisible Man 2"
Track 5 - Voice Drop "Invisible Man 3 "
Track 6 - Voice Drop "And special guest"
Track 7 - Sounder "Ortopedo"
Track 8 - Sounder "Triple Ripple"

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