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Is your music scheduling software too expensive or too inconvenient to use? Do humans fall in love with software applications? Read the testimonials from real Powergold users at the bottom of this page before you answer these questions!

Since 1998 Powergold continues to provide the most flexible, user friendly, stable Windows music scheduling solution.  Powergold’s technological lead has been rapidly advancing since the introduction of its predecessor, Powergold 98, the world’s first music scheduling software written for Windows.

Our unique floating scheduling logic enables Powergold to automatically generate intelligent content-aware music logs that can be shared between stations or across a whole radio network.

Try Powergold FREE! Powergold’s Import Wizard will show you how to quickly import your data into Powergold from other vendors, a text file, or spreadsheet. You can try Powergold with YOUR data.

Powergold can interface with your automation system as well as import commercials from your traffic system. This allows you to see and edit a complete schedule in Powergold then export the information directly to your automation system. Point, click, drag, drop; it’s that simple!

If your regular software vendor has disappointed you with the performance of their Windows upgrade from DOS, then you should talk to us!

Need to create multiple libraries to be HD radio ready? Music and format exchange wizards make creating new databases a breeze.

Clear and concise screens make creating your station sound easy. Because it’s Windows you get all the good stuff like drag and drop, full color printing, and multiple screens.

We offer world class support from radio experts that know Powergold inside and out and listen carefully. Talk to us about your station and technical issues and we’ll make sure Powergold is configured EXACTLY to meet your needs.

Our enterprise-wide support links shared songs across the enterprise to effortlessly share song information and schedules with other stations or brands.

Import research scores, display them, sort them, and report on them. Stay ahead of the competition!


 Powergold Clock

Powergold clocks have circular and linear views and an unlimited number of positions.

Color-coded Categories and circular clock views help you visually balance category placement within an hour.

Powergold makes a complete schedule of all audio events -- music, tempo-matched jingles, liners, voice tracks, notes, automation commands.


 Powergold Music Library

In the music library you can drag and drop one song or an unlimited number of songs from Category to Category quickly and easily.

You get instant sorting, custom filtering, mass changers of every kind, unlimited saved Song Lists and more.

Totally customizable and flexible graphical user interface, printed logs, custom reports and screen layouts.

Instant song playback. Press one button to instantly play any song or list of songs in the Music Library or Schedule Editor while you work.


 Powergold Schedule

Imports daily commercial schedules from your traffic system and research data from your research system.

Superior scheduling logic using "Automatic Point Scaling" antiquates all other schedulers.

Highlight songs by any criteria in the Schedule Editor, navigate from one highlighted song to the next with one click, and analyze the count and percentage of highlighted songs in each hour or any combination of hours.

Editing tools to make schedule editing fast and easy -- Auto-Edit, Auto-Replace, Suggest-Replace, Manual Replace, Replace by Title, Replace by Artist and many others.

Unlimited everything. Songs, Custom Song Fields, Categories, Folders, Clocks, Custom Song Properties, you name it. Use the song Properties imported from your current music scheduler or invent your own song Properties and scheduling rules.

“Powergold continues to be our first choice music scheduler. It is truly a great software package. It is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to teach but at the same time is infinitely flexible. Powergold can be tailored to do whatever you want in a scheduler. Technical support is rarely needed but when we have needed it we have always found it to be fast, competent and friendly.”
-- Jack Kelly, Radio International, heard on the French & Italian Riviera from Ventimiglia, Italy

“Powergold is simply the only music scheduling system that works for us! The Customer service is simply fabulous with its staff always at hand for any questions we may have, this is vital for us in Sri Lanka as we can call at any time day or night!”
-- Ryan Honter, 100.4 FM and 95.8 FM, Colombo, Sri Lanka

“Powergold music scheduling software is an excellent tool! it's very user friendly and a "Buddy" from Powergold provides excellent customer service when and if there is a need. Thanks for the service. Keep up the good work.”
-- Roque Aguon, PD/AM Show, KZGZ-FM/Power 98, Guam, USA

“I've been using Powergold since 1998 and I must admit that without this programme our station wouldn't play in such a correct order the songs we want to air. Everything is so easy. I give the exact orders for things like... how many times you want a song to be played daily, or weekly, how many hours you want between playing the same song or the same artist, how many classic/new songs you want a day, how many dance/r&b/rock/listening songs you want and so many other small but important things we wanted for our music format here at Kissfm Cyprus.
After you set your format rules, Powergold does its job and you get the playlist you need daily. And of course it’s easy to add the new songs you get and add them to the playlist.
I've been more than happy using this programme, which I find one of the most friendly-working software applications I’ve ever worked with.”
-- Frank Ferre, Music Director, Kiss FM, Cyprus

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