About Us

ProRadio Distribution Inc. provides music and imaging services and music scheduling software for broadcasters on the territory of Canada.

ProRadio Distribution Inc. represents Radio Express, Inc., the world's leading supplier of entertainment programming to radio stations outside the United States. Founded in 1985 by industry innovator and current CEO Tom Rounds, Radio Express was the first to introduce barter syndication to the international radio world. Since then, it has established relationships with over 5,000 radio stations in 130 countries, creating the most extensive "network" of radio stations in the world. Radio Express enjoys an excellent reputation in its markets for the quality of its products and services.

ProRadio Distribution Inc. represents Micropower Corporation - provider of Powergold Music Scheduling Software, the most flexible, user friendly, and stable Windows music scheduling solution since 1998. Unique floating scheduling logic enables Powergold to automatically generate intelligent content-aware music logs.


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