ProRadio group of companies has been servicing broadcasters since 1992. Our clients are all the networks and stations across Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Eastern Europe and Middle Asia. We offer any kind of audio content: from jingles to new hits and from weekly programming to SFX, as well as the most popular Powergold Music Scheduling Software.



Sticky FX imaging has been updated with three Breaking News libraries and some of them offered FREE of charge




  • "Radioplay Rock is absolutely relevant, there’s always something to choose for the air with a great variety of exclusive tracks’ versions. Thanks to this service, we are always on top with new songs and among competition: it gives great and creative ideas for programming"

    Constantin Golovin, On-Air Director, Tengri FM / GM of Online Radio NE.FM, Almaty Kazakhstan
  • Powergold is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use music scheduling software that takes literally everything into account. The rules and characteristics of the program allow you to create a playlist that has all the features of the format considered. Your database is fully customizable: you can make your own characteristics and have the most convenient interface. Another of its advantages is the ability to quickly and efficiently make changes to the playlist. After working with other schedulers, working in Powergold is a pleasure!"

    Ekaterina Lavitskaya, Music Editor, Bridge TV Classic & Bridge TV Russian Hit, Moscow, Russia
  • "The Powergold program is one of the most multifunctional schedulers ever. It is quite simple and easy to use. A clear and understandable play-list generator, simple files import / export and clocks altering – it all makes the work of the music editor fully optimized and does not require extra time spent on the other things. It's nice that you can edit already scheduled play-lists, clocks, etc. Great to have everything is in front of your eyes and you can use a single monitor with it. Easy play-lists, reports and analytics print out. It seems to me that with the correct setup, Powergold works perfectly. The program has a large number of settings that everyone can choose according to the station’s or personal requirements."

    Dasha Eganova. Music Director, Militseiskaya Volna, Moscow, Russia
  • "Powergold is an excellent scheduler that allows you to create no-repeat play-lists from day to day. The program lets you implementing any tasks for music rotation. You can set rotation for a single hour or several hours, or you can work with a continuous rotation throughout a day. You can set any schemes and / or rotation rules of any complexity. For each song, you can use standard properties or create your own. Stations in our group have been using Powergold for many years and we consider this software one of the best on the market."

    Vasily Gerasimov, Director of Tech Department GPM Radio, Moscow, Russia
  • "Trynity HDFX – an imaging library with brand new and experimental sound of Electro, EDM and related trends; contains a huge number of complex and versatile production elements and music backgrounds, sorted by categories. Subscription includes regular updates: both seasonal and thematic. Suitable for Dance-Pop formats radio and TV. The Expansions category (Artists, Cinema, Drops, Sport, Voice FX and others) deserves special attention. And, of course, the "library in the library" - TRYNITY CORE LIBRARY - strikes with a variety of elements."

    Igor Bogdanov, Sound Producer, DFM, Moscow, Russia
  • "European Hit Radio has been using TRIL since 2018 and even with the changing situation around the globe we are able not only to keep our dedicated audience, but also gain new listeners due to contemporary sound that TRIL adds to our station"

    Vytautas Bartkus, Station Manager, European Hit Radio, Vilnius, Lithuania


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